Art Collecting Consultation

Art Collecting Consultation

End date: 12-04-2023 - 09:45:00 PM
Winning bid: $275.00 (3 bids)

Collecting art is more than just purchasing an artwork for investment purposes. It is the act of creating a reflection your experiences and preserving our communities' stories. Due to the high cost, limited access to acquire art and the public's lack of knowledge about the art industry, it can be challenging to know how to start collecting. Good Black Art is here to help solve these pain points for collectors at the onset their art journey.

This consultation will provide the tools to discover art you love and give you the confidence to build a collection that tells your story.

About Good Black Art

Good Black Art is the first and only platform that is centered around the most promising emerging Black artists from around the world. With mentorship, authentic storytelling, and community building as our guiding pillars, Good Black Art has uniquely combined the arts ecosystem into one tech-enabled platform offering e-commerce, media and partnerships and exhibitions.

Through unlocking access to art, we empower individuals to explore, engage with, and acquire art.

This consultation was generously donated by Good Black Art.

Logistics to be coordinated between buyer and donor.

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A**** l**** $275.00 12-04-2023 - 09:44:15 PM
A**** l**** $225.00 12-04-2023 - 09:42:03 PM
A**** D**** $175.00 12-01-2023 - 12:59:53 PM
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