Seen — Issue 001 (Print)


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Seen (ISSN 2694-524X)
Issue 001. Fall 2020.

188 pages. Printed by The Standard Group.

Maori Karmael Holmes, Editor-in-Chief
Nehad Khader, Managing Editor & Essays Section Editor
Imran Siddiquee, Reviews Section Editor
Kavita Rajanna, Interviews Section Editor
Shauna Swartz, Copyeditor
Jelsen Lee Innocent, Designer

Featuring: Amy Sherald, Bing Liu, Blitz Bazawule, Darol Kae, Derica Cole Washington, Dessane Lopez Cassell, Donte Neal, Elizabeth Méndez Berry, Emir Lewis, Eric Branco, Erin Christovale, Heidi Saman, Heitor Augusto, Imran Siddiquee, Jason Pollard, Jemma Desai, Jheanelle Brown, Jon-Sesrie Goff, Juliana Reyes, Loira Limbal, Lulu Wang, Makeba Rainey, Maori Karmael Holmes, Michelle Ortiz, Nam Lee, Nehad Khader, Niela Orr, Racquel Gates, Radha Blank, Roni Nicole Henderson, Sham-e-Ali Nayeem, Sonya Childress, Susy Zepeda, Suzanne Kite, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, Terence Nance, Zeshawn Ali

Cover image of Radha Blank. Illustrated by Makeba Rainey based on a photo by Caydie McCumber, courtesy of Sundance Institute. Design by Jelsen Innocent.